A tale of international political intrigue


1530442_10151903076566482_379582902_nJody sprouted from American parents, one with revolutionary ties, and grew up in the North West of England. At sixteen she ran for the nearest large city, Manchester. Her traveller roots took hold and she moved to London at the sweet age of 19 before heading for New York to discover her Mayflower ancestry.

She first moved to Turkey in 2000 and lived through the infamous economic crisis of 2001 in which her teaching salary lost 65% of its value overnight. Having survived the crisis, she stuck around and fell into journalism at the online English news service of Turkey’s largest circulated daily newspaper Hurriyet.

Jody is also a published photographer represented by WorldPictureNews based in New York. Stories include refugees in Sri Lanka, earth quake zone in Pakistan, the barriers that divide Cyprus and news stories from Turkey. She has travelled 36 countries snapping as she went.

Tired of the chaotic lifestyle in Istanbul, she opted for a more serene setting and joined Aljazeera English in Doha in June 2006 and saw the launch of one of the most exciting broadcast projects in recent years. But living on the moon proved to be quite difficult and the call of Istanbul’s road rage and ferries drew her back to Turkey.

Reinvigorated to be in Istanbul, Jody worked as a freelance reporter for France24 TV News channel. Her broadcast experience to date includes contributions to CBC Canada, BBC World Service radio, France24, and regional media such as Press TV. Jody shot and edited films for award-winning Metropolis TV, an arm of VPRO the Netherlands and the investigative People and Power programme on Aljazeera.

Jody has interviewed former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami, Iran’s foreign minister, Hamas leadership, posed questions to Turkish leaders and regional heads of states such as Afghan president Hamid Kharzai. She has also guest lectured at Huddersfield University to MA business students on “Turkey and Democracy”, to under-grad and post-grad at Rzeszow University, Poland and given a talk at SOAS on Turkish democracy.

She now works at the BBC in London and is now undertaking a master’s degree at City University in crime fiction and  hopes to complete her second novel.

Jody can be contacted on the following email: jodysabral@gmail.com

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  1. It’s the Bosphor ferries–they are great–best ride in any city I have been in!

    January 28, 2017 at 4:13 pm

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